Vladimir Sidoruk's Biography

Vladimir Sidoruk was born in the Ukrainian town of Rchishev, in 1925. He studied at the Suchenko Art School, and became a soldier in World War II, where he was an artist on the front lines. After the war, he became a stage designer, and 1950, he moved to Kiev where he worked as a painter and graphic designer, creating compositions on a grand scale; landscapes, portraits, monumental, and theatrical paintings. In 1957, Sidoruk became a member of the Artists Union in USSR, and he is named emeritus artist of the Ukraine.

Sidoruk's historical paintings are dramatic and dynamic, yet with a sensitive and romantic perception of history. His landscapes and still lifes depict nature so expressively that his works reveal an "admiration for concealed sensations of the nature of his soul."

Sidoruk's works are displayed in the Kremlin, Moscow, in the White House, Washington, D.C., and hang in the most prestigious galleries, government palaces, and museums of the old USSR.

1975 Commemorative Exhibition of 30 years after the end of WW II, Moscow.
1977 Commemorative Exhibition for 60 years of the USSR, Leningrad and Moscow.
1991-1992 Exhibitions for UNESCO, Paris, France.

1975-1985 Exhibitions at the Union of Soviet Ministries.
1981 Ukrainian Society for Cultural Relations, Kiev.
1982 Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev.
1983 Ukrainian Library of Science, Kiev.
1994 Kiev Museum, Kiev.