Zinovy Shersher's Biography

Zinovy Shersher was born in Russia in 1947, and immigrated to the United States in 1980, after years of struggling to keep his own artistic vision alive under the watch of the Soviet Union's restrictive Artists Union. Upon his arrival, Shersher enrolled in New York's prestigious School of Visual Arts. It was not long before his art was flourishing with his new found freedom and began to receive critical acclaim in one-person and group shows in New York Galleries. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

A composer as well as a painter, Shersher creates paintings with a lyrical quality that merges the emotional and intellectual into melodical images of passionate tranquility. A strong feeling for movement, expressed with curvilinear lines and cubist sensibilities, form a counterpoint to the artist's peaceful and harmonious themes.

Zinovy Shersher's work is featured in significant and public collection throughout the United States and Europe.

1999 Hollywood Entertainment Museum 
1999 Art Expo New York, NY  
1998 Asti Gallery, Moscow   
1997 Star Theater, Los Angeles, CA 
1995 Etoile Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
1995 Art for the 90's, Beverly Hills, CA 

1999 Violet Salon, Paris, France  
1998 Central House of Arts, Moscow
1997 Hermitage Gallery, Long Island, NY 
1996 Opera Gallery, Singapore
1995 Palace Gallery, Beverly Hill, CA
1994 LMG Gallery, Soho, NY

1993 "Oscar 29"- 6'x4' oil painting for Oscar Ceremony, Hollywood, CA
1991 "We Have A Future"- 2000' mural, Los Angeles, CA

1997 "Art of the People of the World" Association, Honorary Member
1996 "Who's Who in Art"-Anniversary Edition
1992 Award- Annual Competition Exhibition, Oil Pastel Association, Newark, NJ
1990 "Encyclopedia of Living Artists in America"