Kerry Hallam's Biography

Kerry Hallam was born in the coal town of Derbyshire in Northern England. Life was difficult for the young Hallam, experiencing the air raids of World War II and the death of his invalid father at age twelve. These dire surroundings drove Hallam to celebrate life in his art - to create the illusion of perfection.

Hallam sold his first painting at the local marketplace at the age of thirteen and won a full, six-year scholarship to the university of London several years later. After his formal art education, under such renowned Brisish artists as Leslie Cole, Patrick heron, and Hans Tisdale, Hallam served in the military, traveling to Hong Kong and Malaysia.

On his return to England, Hallam took a position in London as a commercial illustrator, a job he absolutely detested. In 1966, he made a major life change and moved to a small village just southwest of San Tropez, on the French Riviera. During this time, Hallam was still painting in an abstract style and receiving a cool reception from the local art clientele. Out of money, Hallam traveled to San Tropez where, seduced by the Provencal landscape, he began to develop a realistic style, and, finally, sold some of his paintings.

However, just as he was coming into a style of his own, he was again seduced...this time by a singer/sculptress he'd met in London. For five years Hallam traveled and performed in the folk-singing duo of "Ruth and Kerry", signing with Polydor Records and opening for the likes of Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor. After the relationship fell apart, so did Hallam's interest in the music business. In 1973, he moved to the United States, settled in New England and devoted himself full time to his painting.

Today, Hallam's art is most noted for its power to evoke emotions, opulence of light and distinctive color harmonies. Painting with a bright, pure palette, he follows in the path blazed by van Gogh, an artist known to dispense of his brushes and paint right from the tube. Since 1992, Hallam has been exclusively represented by Chalk & Vermillion and has had great success with the release of his limited edition serigraphs. He has held a number of one-man shows from Manhattan to Tokyo and his art hangs in a number of private collections in Europe and the United States.