Juan Monedero Rosell's Biography

Juan Monedero Rosell was born in the province of Albacete, in 1944. This artist started his studies at "La Escuela de Bellas Artes de San Carlos se Valencia". After residing for many years in Italy and France, he returned to his native Spain to continue his career as an artist.

Totally dedicated to painting and design, Rosell's paintings have evolved into expressive and whimsical works of art. His paintings, which many times include dreamy scenes of young and pretty women in countryside settings, are replete with movement, loose brushwork and rich colors.

Rosell has participated in many exhibitions, both exclusively and collectively, and competitions in the region of Valencia.

Salon of Exhibitions of the Honorable Deputation of Valencia
Salon of Exhibitions of the Honorable Deputation of Zaragoza
Expositions in Noel, Valencia
Expositions in the Latin Quarter, Valencia
Mediterranean Galleria of Art, Javea, (Alicante)
A. Caulin Galleria of Arts, Albacete
San Jorge Galleria of Art, Alcoy

The Spanish Seminary of Zaragoza
Museum of Cordoba
Museum of Alicante
Museum of National Science "El Carmen", Onda (Castellon)