Luis Robles's Biography

Luis Robles was born in Alcoy, Spain, in 1957. From an early age, Robles showed an interest in art, so along with his usual education, Robles was encouraged to study the arts as well. Soon after, he began taking painting classes and working with some of artists from his hometown. This experience allowed him to enrich his own personality and helped him in his artistic development.

Robles' artwork is distinguished by figurative themes and powerful drawings. As a result, his paintings are intensely emotional and dynamic; expressing the essence of this artists soul.

Most recently, Roble's paintings are beautiful interpretations of women or children enveloped by scenes of the countryside. Robles' neo-impressionistic technique lends itself so well to the subject at hand. Reminiscent of Millet's "The Gleaners", Robles' modern version depicts bent over female figures picking wildflowers. His colors are so appealing and his technique so expressive, that his paintings at once capture the viewer's attention.