Martin Roberts's Biography

Martin Roberts is an artist/photographer who resides and works in Orange County, California. Roberts has a unique vision. His creations are a complete fusion of photography and painting. For the past 25 years, Roberts has created super-realistic, meticulously hand-painted black and white photographs of the most exquisite scenes of "antique European imagery" and the tropics. The European photographs were taken on Roberts travels to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece; tropical scenes are from Samoa, Fiji, and Guam.

Roberts begins his process by using a photographic technique that was made popular in the mid-1800's, when black and white photographs were the only option. Roberts begins by hand tinting or layering colors onto the black and white images until it achieves a striking realism. After this procedure, Roberts applies a combination of a variety of paints; acrylics, oils, watercolors and gouaches, often all on the same piece to enhance the image until he achieves his perfect image.

Martin Roberts' pictures have gained much popularity, especially in the last five years. His works are sold throughout the world and he has been represented in some of the most prestigious galleries in the world. Among Roberts' clients are Kelly Le Brock and Steven Seagal. One special image, that of Cardinal Hamer, one of the 13 cardinals who lives at the Vatican, actually hangs in the Vatican today.