John Pittman's Biography

John Pittman was born in 1959, in Griffin, Georgia. In 1979, he began his studies in art at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Following his studies at the Savannah College of Design in 1984, Pittman began a career in graphic design. He, though, soon realized that his true passion was painting in the classical impressionistic genre. First traveling to New York in 1987 to study at the Art Students League, Pittman then made his way to Paris to study the works of the great masters at the Louvre.

Presently, Pittman lives in the States, painting colorful and expressive landscapes from his cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He remains focused on impressionism by reading voraciously and traveling to the world's great museums to view the best works of art firsthand.

Pittman's love of the works of Monet, Renoir and Chase are reflected in his own paintings. His art is replete with sensitive brushwork, subtle colors and an expression of light that make his work a true statement of nature's beauty.