Carlos Penalver's Biography

Carlos Penalver was born in the Valencia region of Spain. Penalver has won the title in Spain as "the painter of sailboats", the main theme of his his works.

Penalver's art is meticulously painted and captures his love of sailing ships. His seasacapes are recreated with careful detail and fantasy; the angry sea, the swollen sails, the blowing wind. Penalver is a multidimensional painter who has fallen in love with the sea, and all that's marine or nautical. His technique is precise, his brushstroke is small, and his drawing is the basis of his representations. With an interplay of colors that are cool with his warm and luminous tones, Penalver's painting are richly satifying to the observer.

Carlos Penalver has recently been included in the second edition of the "Dictionary of Sea Painters", which was compiled by E.H.H. Archibald, conservator from the National Maritime Museum of Greenwich, England.

Penalver has works exhibited in the Maritime Museum of Valencia, the Naval Museum in Madrid, and the Maritime Museum in Barcelona.