Robin Passes's Biography

Robin Passes was born in New York, in 1951. Raised in a family that encouraged culture and travel, Robin developed a deep love and appreciation for the world of art that she expresses in the paintings she creates. She attended George Washington University in Washington D.C., where she furthered her adventure into the world of Fine Arts, and where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History. Upon graduation, she worked at an advertising agency while attending the Art Students' League in New York City.

In 1979, Robin relocated to South Florida, where she has continued to paint and sell paintings, and her works hang in many private collections. Her work reflects her appreciation of the great masters of the past, which she juxtaposes with the culture of the world today.

"Painting has always been an expression of my love of art. My background in fine arts and knowledge of art history has enabled me to paint in a variety of styles, where each work that I create displays my passion for color, movement, design and composition."