Michael Novoksheniy's Biography

Michael Novoksheniy, was born Michail Novokshchionnii in Severouralsk, Sverdlovskaia region, Russia, in 1967. Novoksheniy graduated from the Art School of Severouralsk in 1982. He studied at the Krasnoturiin Art School from 1982 to 1986. Studying at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg from 1990 until 1995, he is presently a member of the International Artists' Federation UNESCO since 1995.

Most recently, in his painting, Novoksheniy has sought to combine different forms of post-modernism along with his impressionistic approach. Images arise as an improvisation. And the painting is chosen to suit the task from "a la prima" to the classical three-stage method. He states, "Just as Wagner and Vivaldi are essentially in contrast to each other, so are the expression and drive in the early period of my creative activity, and the present one as well, in contrast with the exquisite nature of the female body and music that is both expressive and relaxing." Lately, Novoksheniy has been working with acrylic paints in combination with oil: "they offer ever more opportunities and solutions that are new to me."

Novoksheniy's works are in corporate collections in Deugebanich, Germany; Vesso Link Company, Moscow and "Licher" Braurai, Frankfurt. He is in private collections in Russia, Germany, France, the U.S.A., Thailand, Greece and Belgium.


1993 "Neo Shag" Gallery St. Petersburg
1994 "Nevskii 20" Gallery St. Petersburg
One Man Show
1995 Zelenograd Gallery Moscow
"Christmas Exhibition"
1996 "Lion's Club" Ekaterinburg
1997 Art Expo Dusseldorf
1998 Arina Gallery in Moscow
Central Artist's House