Peter Nixon's Biography
Peter Nixon was born in England in 1956 and received his B.A. at the Bath Academy of Art. Early in his career he developed a vision and style of his own. With a background in Roman and Greek folklore, that he studied while he was still young, and furthered by travel to Italy and Greece, he portrays myths and fables from the Eastern Mediterranean. His stories speak to us of moments of peace, harmony and celebration. Today, Nixon continues to study and travel through the ancient lands to explore their legends and delve into their mysteries.

Having undergone a formal art training where he obtained a B.A., he began to work in a shared studio where he was able to experiment with etching, lithography and serigraphy. His vision of life gained steady acceptance in European art galleries and by the end of the eighties, he was able to have a studio of his own where he now paints his original works. His etching plates and serigraphic stencils, however, are produced in printing studios.

Women play a key role in most of his works. They relax, lounge, and play with their children in a seemingly private world relating to each other but cocooned from the outside world.