Burton Morris's Biography

Burton Morris was born in 1965 and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design and fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University. From the age of three Morris has been drawing, painting and entertaining people with his art. Today, Morris is the leader of the "New Pop" art movement that vibrates with enormous energy and style.

Trained as a designer, Morris knows how to capture the essence of an idea. His "in-your-face" illustrative style brings everyday items to the forefront. His message is potent; Morris says, "There is such a bombardment in today's society I'm trying to weed out interesting things I can have fun with." Morris' secret of success is his respect for his audience, his appeal to their innate sense of intelligence, color and style. In fact, Morris' artwork is literally being seen by millions of people by since his pieces are being displayed on such popular television programs as Friends, Just Shoot Me among others.

Morris' client list reads like the Stock Exchange; American Express, Anheuser Busch, AT& T, Heinz, Microsoft, Sony, Walt Disney, etc. In addition, Morris was selected as one of America's official artists for the World Cup '98 and the 2002 Winter Olympics. Owners of his art include Ernest and Julio Gallo of Gallo Winery, Michael Roux CEO of Stolichnaya, former President Jimmy Carter, et al.