Miroslav's Biography

Miroslav Lovric was born in Bosnia in 1955. Miroslav received his training in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia. He has exhibited his paintings in numerous solo and group shows throughout Europe and has shown his work extensively in the former Yugoslavia. Painter and educator, Miroslav taught art to elementary and high school students for thirteen years.

In 1993, Miroslav and his wife Yasena fled the war in Bosnia and settled in Germany. There he painted and exhibited his work until 1996. In 1997, they relocated to New York City where his brother had settled.

Miroslav's art captures the essence of Paris street scenes. French cafes, narrow alleyways and chic storefronts reflect the visions of the most romantic of cities. Miroslav's painting technique embellishes the architecture with texture, intricate brushwork and Lautrec-like murals. Viewing his paintings makes us yearn for the Paris we remember or always dreamed of visiting.


Art Expo, New York
Kolb Gallery. New York

Art Expo, New York
Kolb Gallery, New York
Mooney Gallery, New York


Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzogovina
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Zagreb, Croatia
Vienna, Austria
Munich, Germany
Liege, Belgium
Lugano, Switzerland
Menden, Germany