Joan Miro's Biography

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1893. Miro began his studies at the Barcelona School of Fine arts, followed by instruction at the Academia Gali. In 1918, Miro had his first exhibition at the Dalmau Galleries in Barcelona. His early style reflected influences of the simple Catalan folk art, the brilliant colors of the Fauvists, and Cubism.

In 1920, having met Picasso, amongst many other artists and intellectuals living in Paris at the time, Miro was exposed to the new Surrealist Movement. Miro decided to move to Paris. This is when Miro's true original style emerged, a method immersed in dreamlike forms, whimsical and child-like images, and geometrical and amorphic shapes. Miro frequently used bright colors superimposed upon neutral and flat backgrounds. His own unique style compelled him to experiment in new media, such as collage, sculpture and later printing. By the 1930's, Miro's work was widely revered and he became world renowned.

In 1947, Miro came to America, where his work was was exhibited at many one-man shows and at a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1956, Miro moved to Palma de Majorca. From the 1960's until his death, in addition to his painting, Miro created many large sculptures and projects, such as two ceramic murals for UNESCO building in Paris.

In 1976, the Joan Miro Foundation Center of Contemporary Study was established in Barcelona and his work is displayed at contemporary museums everywhere.

Miro died in 1983, at the age of 90.