Jose Miralles's Biography
Artist Jose Miralles was born in Olot, Spain, in 1958. Olot is a Municipality in the Catalonian area of Spain, and is known as the "cuna de artistas", meaning the crib of artists. Miralles attended La Escuela de Bellas Artes de Olot, where he trained as an artisan in several crafts.

With an academic foundation, great technical perfection, and pure design and compostion balance, he has established himself as a self-taught artist. Today, his paintings receive grand acceptance by critics throughout the art community.

Miralles' works mainly consist of everyday subject matter; sensitive still-lifes depicting richly colored fruits and china on lace detailed tablecloths. His paintings are precise and realistic, poetically presented in his flawless style.

Miralles' paintings are celebrated throughout Europe, and he has had the opportunity to exhibit his work all over Spain. His work is also well known and collected in Germany, Belgium, Norway, Italy and France. He has more recently begun to obtain recognition in the United State and the Americas.