Benedito Luizi's Biography
Benedito Luizi was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil. His parents wisely encouraged his talent at an early age by sending their son through private tutoring, then on the Belles Arts in Sao Paulo, followed by Belles Arts in Rio de Janeiro, where his teachers inspired him to make painting his life.

Luizi's rare artistic versatility enables him to paint landscapes, seascapes, still-lifes and abstract works. His paintings reflect an expertise and an extremely poetic sensitive technique. His specialty is the gift of colors in his nature scenes, his luminosity and delicate shadings, his striking use of sunlight. Luizi is a romantic artist with extraordinary powers to express a tranquility and mystery in his work.

Luizi has won more than 100 gold and silver medals and has received the keys to the City of Coral Gables in Florida. He also holds a "Chair" in the Brazilian Society of Belle Arts.
Luizi's list of awards and exhibitions is extensive. Listed below is a partial list of his honors.

Gallery Adelmo Perdiza-Ribeirao Preto, 1970
Gallery Sete Legoas, 1979
Gallery Nova, Ipanema, 1982

Salon Superior Julio Koeller-Petropolis, 1978
Brazilian Society of Fine Arts, 1982
Salon of Spring-Sao Laurenci, 1986

Trophy "Mokiti Okada" of Painting- Japan
Trophy 1st Biannual Pan-American-1989
Miami-Biennial International of Paqueta- 1989
In Dictionary of Painters of Brazil