Mostafa Keyhani's Biography
Born in Iran in 1954, now living in Canada, Mostafa Keyhani, through the inspiration and encouragement of a high school teacher, became aware of his love of art and his own talent for painting.

His pictorial language, vividly colored in rich atmosphere, reminds us of the forgotten beauty of a city, the lively spirit of a busy street corner, or the unassuming beauty of blossoming flowers. His works are a feast of illumination and a portrayal of whimsical fantasy, diversity and originality.

After receiving a Diploma in Biology and Anatomy, he began studying art at Teheran University and Dusseldorf University. After graduating, this artist spent seven years journeying throughout Germany and France, developing his talent. During this revealing time period, he exhibited his works in some of the best galleries in Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris and Cannes. This memorable experience greatly influenced his self-expression and brought forth his undeniable ability to capture the soul of his subjects.

He is an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America (OPA). And, his works are part of numerous important collections in Canada, U.S.A., Germany and France.