Fabio Hurtado's Biography
Fabio Hurtado was born in 1960 in Madrid, Spain, earning a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Madrid.

The work of this artist exudes a sense of timelessness, a detachment from the surrounding world. There is a magnetism about his work that is transmitted by the calm dynamism which is displayed in his subjects and his use of muted colors. Hurtado's work usually includes women as central figures, wistful yet with a determined and vain air. The sum of all these parts contribute to the lucid, compositional rhythm, ever expounded in his body of work.

Each scenario sets before us the plot of an appealing and absorbing story, and along side this mystery lies beauty, translated by Hurtado into unreal, yet fascinating, impossible yet justifiable, dimensions and silhouettes. The viewer is aware and assumes that apparent simplicity hides deeper content.

-E.L.G. Haniel, Duisdurg, Alemania, Germany
-Sammer Gallery, Madrid, Spain
-Lola Melian Gallery, Tenerife, Spain
-Cartel Gallery, Granada, Spain
-Celia B. Gallery, Lyon, France
-Am Operning Gallery, Vienna, Austria
-Albemarle Gallery, London, England

1983  First Prize for "El Raton" painting, Madrid
1984  First Prize for Painting, Arganzuela
1985  First Prize for Painting, Carabanchel
1994  First Prize, Autumn Salon, Madrid
1995  BMW First Medal of Honour
1995  Honorary member of International Salon of Modern Art, Rome, Italy
1996  First Medal, Autumn Salon, Madrid