Vasily Ivanovich Golubev's Biography
Vasily Ivanovich Golubev was born in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia, in 1921. Vasily studied drawing and painting at the studio of a well known Russian artist Dr. Ivan I. Tyutikov. Although his artistic career had to face the reality of war in 1941, he was drafted to the front, that severe time must have determined the real values for this young artist. Whenever there was a moment of peace, Golubev was busy drawing sketches. There are over 300 drawing collected through this period of "The Great Patriotic War".

The long awaited spring of 1945 brought spring into the life of Golubev. Vasily decided to stay and live in the Ukraine, falling in love with the snow-capped Carpathian mountains and the green plains that lay below. At this time Vasily became fully developed as a lyrical landscape artist. Vasily's paintings are filled with a sense of space and air. His poetic paintings reveal a precision and balance of composition. He seems to feel the nature around him with all his being; and as a natural poet, he tells us of the eternal breath of nature and the everlasting sense of harmony with it.

Golubev's works have been purchased by many museums and private collections in the Ukraine and other countries. He has won numerous artistic awards, and has been featured in newspaper articles and art catalogues in Russia, Europe and Japan.